Photo by M. de Koning
Photo by M. de Koning
Photo by M. de Koning
Photo by M. de Koning


Meaning: Bird’s nest

Once upon a time there was a song bird, high up in the tree. She’s been building her
nest from where she sings to the world. Passionately she brings you on her
adventures and stories. From a soft breeze with light sounds followed
by a big storm with bombastic explosions to soul, jazz & blues.

Hilin is a songwriter with an amazing talent and a voice that can take you anywhere. Together with her piano she arranges a wide journey through the present, past and future. Songs from the heart with a deeper undertone which never bores your ears.

Her debut album called The Bedroom Session fits the sound and songs. A good mix between Lana del Rey, Amy Winehouse and Tori Amos. She played multiple times at Paradiso Amsterdam, had her first headline show at de Roode Bioscoop Amsterdam and had the opportunity to play at the online Lowlands event in 2020. When you’ll see Hilin perform you’ll understand that she rather plays less shows, to ensure quality. To really make every show a unique experience. Come and join the ride!

Her debut album is available on all streaming services. A real old school CD? You can order the physical album via this link.

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